Friday, December 16, 2011

Scott Dean's Witless Witness

                                       Dean's Witless Witness
                                                    By Hwy221
Convicted child molester Scott Dean
Dec. 16, 2011
Evans, GA

Two witnesses called by the defense in Scott Dean's trial for child molestation were like the hideous torpedoes launched by the US Navy in the earliest days of World War II – upon deployment they immediately went full circle and destroyed the mother ship. The Sarah Harper Scott torpedo blew away the rudders with a hit to the stern, something we fear Dean will soon grow accustomed to in prison, and the Ben Harbin destructor crushed the hull.

At this juncture, the full story of Sarah Harper Scott's role in the Scott Dean denouement is a mite hazy. The Columbia County reporter covering the case, Valerie Rowell, tweeted “Scott Dean's adopted daughter Marlin lives with Sarah Harper Scott, who refused to help police talk to her & sent her money in Mexico.”  If this is true, Ms Scott may have more direct questions coming her way as to the origins of this money and the purpose of expending it, but the immediate impact of this revelation on the Dean jurors had to have been immense, as it looked like the elder daughter recanted her story upon returning from her Mexican refuge under coaching and maybe even monetary coaxing.

At the end, the defense called Georgia state representative Ben Harbin as a character witness. What was that all about? WSB radio talker, CNN contributor and CEO Erick Erickson once penned this summation about Harbin: “Then there is the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Ben Harbin of Augusta. Representative Harbin was arrested a while back, charged with DUI, and found to be in the company of a certain young lady who is not his wife. ..The House GOP has been perfectly willing to keep Harbin in his Chairmanship.... In fact, pretty much every philanderer, tax cheat, con artist, and crook has remained undisciplined by both the House and Senate Republicans.” Ouch.

We hope Ben did not show up for his Dean testimony looking like this:

Harbin's stature (there is a pun there) has not been enhanced lately by revelations of getting PAC money directly, or indirectly through PACs, from companies controlled by Magnolia Trace Developer Jeffery Smith's stable of companies and his introduction of a new bill for tax credits to spawn even more Magnolia Trace outrages.

His witless witnesses did nothing to buoy Scott Dean's case. They sent it to the bottom streaming bubbles of stagnant air. Nothing was going Scott free.***

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