Monday, December 12, 2011

The Breck Boy's Trial Begins.....Finally!

Monday, Dec.12, 2011
Columbia County, GA
Dustin Goads

Well after multiple delays it appears that the child molestation trial  of former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean will finally get under way.

Dean was indicted back in February on two counts of child molestation against an adopted daughter from Guatemala. Judge James G Blanchard will preside over the trial after numerous continuances and delays. 

Dean's defense attorney is Pete Theodocion, who also happens to be representing David Fry in the alleged attempted bribery of two Augusta commissioners over the TEE Center in 2009.

Some are saying that Dean cannot possibly get a fair trial in Columbia County, while others contend that finding a jury not biased toward Dean will be a major challenge.

This will be by far one of the most watched trials in local history with all of the tabloid sensationalism one would expect from Hollywood.  And Dean looks the part, often arriving to court with a sun-kissed  Bieberesque quaff, Italian designer sunglasses, and donning dapper suits. 

Perhaps his attorney should tell him to downplay the "pretty boy" image a bit. This is a "child molestation" trial after all and maybe the "Tiger Beat" Cover boy look won't go over so well with jurists.. but then neither would a pencil thin pervy mustache and coke bottle glasses.. but then there should be a happy medium somewhere.  

If there is any winner in all of this mess it's the polticos in Augusta-Richmond County. Coming off a week of a public relations nightmare over Magnolia Trace and now a former commissioner (who was one who voted to endorse the project last year) on trial for child molestation, Columbia County politics are starting to look more dysfunctional than those of Augusta-Richmond County. Also, it's likely that the sensationalism of The Dean trial will take center stage in the local media over things like redistricting and parking deck management contracts in Richmond County that might excite only the most ardent local political junkies. Of course, we here at won't let that happen. We will continue to report the stench of Augusta politics and the news that the local mainstream media ignores.

But as they say "If you don't look good, we don't look good." However the trial turns out we somehow see shampoo ads in Deans future. ***

Scott Dean: GUILTY!

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