Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scott Dean: GUILTY!

Thur. Dec. 15, 2011
Evans, GA

Well the pretty boy probably wasn't smiling either  this afternoon when the jury finally reached a verdict on both counts on child molestation charges against former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean.  

We sort of figured things might not go Dean's way when the jury announced they had reached a verdict on the first charge (of exposing himself to his adopted daughter) but were still at an impasse on the charge of whether Dean sexually touched her. It would seem logical that if the jury didn't believe Dean exposed himself then  they would have quickly reached a verdict on the 2nd charge as well, so it appeared that the jury did believe there was sexual misconduct involved. But as the hours passed there was speculation that there could be a hung jury on the second more serious count. But that was not to be. The jury reached a decision and found Dean guilty on both charges.

Now all eyes will turn to sentencing. 

Based on the charges Dean was convicted on, he will likely spend some serious time in jail. And we understand that pretty boys, especially those convicted for child molestation, don't fare too well in the Big House. So instead of shampoo ads in his future, he may want to worry about not dropping the soap.

In the closing arguments the prosecution summed it up for the jury with the following statement: "Sometimes demons have the face of an angel." That apparently made  quite an impact.
More to come.

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