Thursday, December 8, 2011

Magnolia Trace: Money Trail Traces to the Gold Dome

**City Stink Exclusive!**

Magnolia Traces to the Gold Dome
By IndyInjun

 Old Gomer Pyle used to say “ Surprise, Surprise, SURPRIZE!!!” Well, the money trail from Magnolia Trace , LLC to Affordable Equity Partners of Columbia Missouri, might fork, meander, double back, and double CROSS, but the sleuth hounds of Augusta Today and are rarely shaken or even stirred in pursuit. The quarry was found in the bowels of a gold-domed lair in Atlanta.

Does this surprise anyone? It shouldn't.

Affordable Equity Partners, Inc. boasts a leadership team headed by Jeffery Smith of parent JES Holdings, with affiliated companies named ES Dev Co, Inc., Fairway Construction Co., Inc., Fairway Management, Inc., and Capital Health Management, Inc. An article on exposes how Smith and his companies have played the campaign contribution and lobbying game very well in Missouri to the tune of capturing $26 million for low-income housing projects into 2009.

At this juncture, the process of following all of the related parties, employees, PAC's and agents is not complete. There will be more to come.

What is revealed so far by researching these entities' contributions via the Georgia Ethics Commission Campaign Contributor database?

At this juncture, the Augusta Today and team is investigating another Missouri based entity that was noted to be working in conjunction with the AEP affiliate Capital Health Management to fund one of these PAC's. The company has contributed many thousands of dollars to Georgia's Legislators.

Was it coincidence that Ron Cross, a Nathan Deal supporter, and Trey Allen, Nathan Deal's Columbia County Campaign Chairman, scurried to meet with Magnolia Trace developers in County Attorney Doug Batchelor's office? 

Or did they get calls from Casey Cagle, Nathan Deal, David Ralston, Ben Harbin, and Lee Anderson “encouraging” the meeting and their subsequent resolution in support of this unwanted public housing development?

Only the unforeseen and unpredicted are surprises.

Even a Gomer Pyle knows the score on this one.***

More to come.

Below is a pdf file showing the State of Georgia Housing tax credit plan that AEP helped write for itself into law. It's heavy reading for those of you with some time to kill.
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City Stink said...

Stay Tuned.. More info forthcoming

bradleyeowens said...

People NEVER listen to me. This is not a mistake or good for the community. It is ALWAYS well laid plans by the CABAL to exploit the poor on the backs of the middle class.

America; the best giverment moeny can buy! said...

lol. Just watch the body language. At :25 mark, looks like Trey Allen looked surprised and "uncomfortable" saying "oh crap, Cross just said Trey Allen"(met with the company). Or is it because he just heard his name mentioned and thought he should sit up and look important? You decide.
Good work CityStink but careful not to grab at straws or stretching it to find a connection. But looks like you're on the right track. Welcome to America... as Brad stated... the best government money (and votes) can buy.