Friday, March 9, 2012

Kudos to Mayor Deke Copenhaver for Being Sunny

An Award Justly Earned and Appreciated
Friday, March 9, 2012
Augusta, GA 
By Al Gray

When it comes to giving credit where it is due, being late with praise is better than never. Today this writer saw a news article on Augusta getting a Sunny Award last year. This award is given to governments who display excellence in putting public documents online and otherwise making open records availability a priority. This award was richly deserved, as Augusta's Weblink is a wonderful resource for those interested in the city's government.

 The Technology Department makes this happen very adroitly and the Weblink document system has the wonderful capability to convert the documents into .pdf formats.

Thanks Mayor Copenhaver and all involved in providing such wonderfully accessible information. You all do this despite the pain and grief that sometimes arises from the research of some of us. We applaud you for it and we belatedly say "Good Job!" in conjunction with getting and deserving that Sunny Award. 

The next time Augusta is up for this award, it is  hoped the public will know to vote for the city again.***


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