Tuesday, March 20, 2012

12th District Congressional Race: Who's Being Candid and Who Isn't?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Augusta, GA
By Hwy 221

For the 12th Congressional District race the rankings through the last quarter available, December 31, 2011, are as follows:

Candidate Name
Full Disclosure
Partial Disclosure
No Disclosure
John Barrow (D)$420,321 (98.8%)$5,250 (1.2%)$0 (0.0%)
Richard W. Allen (R)$179,399 (98.0%)$3,250 (1.8%)$500 (0.3%)
Daniel Wright McLeod (R)$129,061 (99.2%)$0 (0.0%)$1,000 (0.8%)
Lee Ivey Anderson (R)$82,250 (70.0%)$0 (0.0%)$35,225 (30.0%)
Brian Nafarrete (R)$0 (0.0%)$0 (0.0%)$0 (0.0%)
Maria Sheffield (R)$0 (0.0%)$0 (0.0%)$0 (0.0%)

First Quarter 2012 campaign contribution reports will be out in a few weeks.

It will be interesting to see if Lee Anderson's reporting quality improves or whether the candor of the rest of the field erodes.

Since the last quarter of 2011 generally represents a shake-out-the-bugs reporting period, one should not form conclusions about the candor or lack thereof of the candidates, unless one or more is noticeably out of full compliance relative to the others. Anderson better improve by that standard.

The top contributors for the entire 12th District Field can be found here.

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By Hwy 221

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