Friday, April 13, 2012

Lori Davis Campaign Calls Fundraiser Event a "Spectacular Success"

Lori Davis, candidate for the Dist. 1 commission seat speaks with supporters

Friday, April 13, 2012
Augusta, GA
By The Outsider

The Lori Davis Campaign for Dist. 1 Commissioner said that their first official fundraiser was "a spectacular success." The event was held yesterday (April 12th) at A.L. Williams Park in Harrisburg across from The Kroc Center. The campaign tells us that it was a sell-out with all 200 tickets sold. The campaign estimates that nearly that many people showed up between 5pm and 8pm. "We had well over 150 show up today," Davis told us, "I am very pleased with the outpouring of support. We had a very diverse turnout representing nearly every neighborhood within District 1. This shows that the people are ready for a change and a more hands-on commissioner who will represent everyone."

The event was sponsored by Schweitzer's Art Glass located at 980 Broad Street in downtown Augusta and featured a fish fry dinner. Davis says the campaign is seeing an enormous amount of support from the downtown business community.

From left: Jennie Lindsey, Lori Davis, and campaign co-chair Dee Mathis
Dee Mathis, a Laney-Walker resident who also serves as campaign co-chair greeted guests as they arrived. " I'm supporting Lori Davis because I know she will be a commissioner who represents all of the people in District 1," said Mathis.

According to Mathis, Davis assisted her in getting action from the city over blighted properties in her neighborhood and in getting the city to follow proper procedures over the controversial Laney-Walker Overlay Zone. "I couldn't get any help from my current commissioner, Matt Aitken, on these issues, but Lori Davis has always been there on our side," said Mathis, "Lori has been dealing with many of the same problems in Harrisburg that we in Laney-Walker have suffered with; she understands our plight."

Mathis also lauded Davis for attending the community hearings over the Laney-Walker Overlay Zone last fall, "Lori showed up for those meetings, but our current commissioner Matt Aitken was absent. We need someone who will be more engaged in the community representing us, and that person is Lori Davis." You can read more about the Laney-Walker Overlay Zone here:-->Laney-Walker Overlay Zone Series.

Davis said she is extremely pleased to see the support she is getting from throughout District 1 and the city,  and the business community, "I was happy to see many local business owners who care about District 1, such as Donnie Thompson, Cliff Channel, Johnny Hensley, and of course The Schweitzers who sponsored the event, among many others."

We also spotted Brad Owens, former downtown business owner and political columnist, who was in town all the way from Africa. There was also local musician Eryn Eubanks, and several other members of The Family Fold. We also spotted Sylvia Cooper of The Augusta Chronicle who was ostensibly covering the event for her weekly City Ink column

Davis says she noticed many faces from National Hills and Waverly neighborhoods which are proposed to be added to District 1 under some redistricting maps. "I think they know I will fight for everyone in District 1 and for every neighborhood. I will be engaged throughout the community," Davis told us, "From Laney-Walker to Olde Town to Harrisburg, to Country Club Hills and beyond, the people at this event really reflected the diversity of district one and Augusta as a whole. I am so pleased to have this kind of support."

The campaign says that more fundraisers and events are in the works and that people can get updates and see more photos from yesterday's event on their campaign Facebook page found here-->Lori Davis Campaign Facebook Page.***


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