Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Campaign Disclosures Reveal Big Names and Big Money in District 3 Race

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Augusta, GA
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The two announced candidates for the District 3 Augusta Commission seat being vacated by Joe Bowles at the end of the year introduced themselves to members of The Committee for Good Government last night at The Julian Smith Barbecue Pit. It's an obligatory pit stop for candidates for local office. There was good barbecue of course and pleasantries were exchanged but there was not a lot of specifics from the two candidates: Mary Fair Davis and Ed Enoch.  We found that the real news and specifics could be found in the campaign disclosure filings just released by the Georgia State Ethics Commission. One thing is very clear: The District 3 race is shaping up to be the most expensive Augusta Commission race in history.

There's Something About Mary
There really must be something about Mary Fair Davis that compels people to open up their checkbooks. According to the first quarter Campaign  Contribution Disclosure Report filed by her campaign, Davis raised a whopping $35,315.00 as of the March 31st filing date. Scanning through the itemized contributions list for individual donations above $100, that must be reported by name, reads like a Who's Who list of the biggest movers and shakers in Augusta. *(See pdf at the end of this article).

Big Money
The biggest individual contributor to Mary Fair Davis' campaign for the first quarter was none other than Clayton Boardman (CEO of Flywheel, LLC) who gave the maximum individual amount $2,500.00. Boardman also serves as the campaign chairperson. It is worthy to note that Mary Fair Davis served as the campaign chairperson for Deke Copenhaver's first run for Mayor, who is an in-law of Boardman.

Enterprise Mill Events, another member of the campaign committee provided $1,230.50 of "in-kind" contributions for refreshments for a campaign event.

William Fair, III of Atlanta, GA (presumably a family member of the candidate) gave $1,100.00

H.M.  Osteen, Jr ( a founding member of Augusta Tomorrow) gave $1,000.00

More Boardman Bucks:

  • Braye Boardman gave $500.00
  • Ann Boardman gave $800.00
  • Boardman Et. Al. gave $500.00

Magnolia, LLC (listed as a member of the campaign committee) gave $500.00. We looked for more details on this entity. They were created on 11/22/2005 and their Principal Office Address is: P. O. Box 850 Augusta ,GA 30903. The agent registered with the state for this LLC is Margaret Elizabeth B. Copenhaver.

Other Notable Donors:

  • E.G. Meybohm (owner of Meybohm Realty) gave $300.00
  • Commissioner Joe Bowles gave $300.00
  • Frmr. Commissioner Don Grantham gave $150.00
  • State Rep. Barbara Sims* gave $200.00 *(it's worthy to note that Sims was the legislator who introduced the bill that moved local elections up to July 31st)
  • William McKnight (owner of Mcknight Construction) gave $500.00
Ed Has Some Catching Up To Do
Augusta attorney Edward Enoch, who is challenging Mary Fair Davis for the District 3 seat has so far raised $14,374.00, well below half of what the Davis campaign has raised thus far. (see pdf at end of the article for the full report). If Mary Fair Davis is the "Boardman" candidate, then it's safe to say that Enoch is the "Kendrick" candidate. *View Enoch's itemized contributions here--> Enoch Contributions.

Enoch's Big Donors:
  • Kendrick Paint & Body (1333 Broad Street) gave the maximum of $2,500.00
  • James Edward Enoch gave himself $2,150.00
  • S&K Capital Partners LLC (2904 Bransford Rd, Augusta) gave the maximum of $2,500.00. Stephen Kendrick (owner of Kendrick Paint & Body) heads up S&K Capital Partners LLC.
  • Kathryn Nave (Evans, GA and principal of Evans Christian Academy) gave $1,000.00
Other Notable Donors:
  • Hiram Thompson (Evans, GA and owner of Thompson Building and Wrecking Company) gave $250.00
  • Lynn Smith (an attorney at Enoch's firm) gave $500.00
  • Alternative Construction & Environmental Solutions, Inc gave $300.00
  • Pamela Doumar (Juvenile court judge for Augusta judicial circuit) gave $250.00
  • Price Dunaway (Evans, GA and COO of Integrated Medical Professionals) gave $500.00
  • Watson & Knox, Inc of Thompson, GA gave $350.00
**You can view the full Campaign Disclosure Reports Below**
Mary Fair Davis Filing (click full screen at bottom of frame to enlarge)

Ed Enoch Filing (Click full screen at bottom of frame to enlarge)

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