Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dekebot Being Charged Up to Replace Bowles

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012
Augusta, GA

In a secret bunker beneath Enterprise Mill, an army of Dekebots are being assembled to take control of Augusta's government. 

We learned today in Sylvia Cooper's City Ink column that The Cabal has one Dekebot ready and charged up to replace Joe Bowles on The Augusta Commission. Bowles is term limited, and thus cannot run for reelection this fall. It is widely speculated that he plans to run for mayor in 2014 when Deke's last term is up.

The Dekebot being prepared to replace Bowles is Mary Fair Davis. She was Deke's campaign chairperson during his 2006 mayoral campaign. Her campaign chairperson is none other than Deke in-law and financeur of the Dekebot program, Clay Boardman. This election should be a cakewalk for Mary Fair Davis, but  will not likely change much on the commission, since Bowles has been solidly aligned with the Dekebot agenda over the past 6 years anyway. This will merely be a passing of the torch. But it will be a test for the Dekebot Program and whether they have managed to work out the kinks in the prototypes from when they last tried to plant a Dekebot on the commission. That last effort failed miserably when Sean Frantom lost the super district 10 commission seat to elder businessman Grady Smith

But Dekebot engineers believe that they have a perfected model in Mary Fair Davis, and this election  will provide  valuable data to strategically place Dekebots throughout the commission and elsewhere in Augusta's government. It is hoped that the Dekebot Program will provide the needed 6 vote majority  to approve a long succession of expensive boondoggles, mostly downtown on land owned by members of The Cabal, that will indebt Augusta taxpayers for many decades to come.

The Dekebots: They're the only way.

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