Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Craig Spinks: Why's Nobody Mad-as-Hell?

Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012
Augusta, GA
By Craig Spinks

An article in a recent edition of a local print medium noted that the Richmond County School System (RCSS) is the worst public school system in Georgia.
Well, that's not exactly correct. While it may be true that the RCSS ranked at the bottom of the 18 public school systems in its Georgia Department of Education(GDOE) comparison group, the RCSS is not the worst in Georgia. If the frightening Truth be known, there may be several Georgia public school systems whose students demonstrate poorer academic skills than the kids in the RCSS.
Of course, Augusta's local public school system's not being the worst in Georgia is no cause for celebration. Rather, its being among the worst should be a cause for community outrage. But why's nobody mad-as-Hell? Why aren't parents of kids whose poor academic skills will deny them decent-paying jobs when the latter reach adulthood not protesting at school board meetings? Don't they realize that their kids fall  below weak state academic norms? Don't parents realize that many of their kids read, calculate and write well below more rigorous national academic norms? Are they afraid? Of what? Of whom? Don't they care? Do they think that they are "nobodies" whose opinions don't count?
In subsequent pieces, we're going to provide answers to these questions.
If yours is a weak stomach, don't bother reading these answers.***

Craig Spinks, Ed.D.
Georgians for Educational Excellence

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HillMom said...

I'm ready for some answers and eagerly await same!

Dickieontheriver said...

How about the fact that the BOE laid off teachers whose kids tested in the top 100% on the CRCT while keeping tenured teachers on the job that rarely bothered to teach...ended up in PreK I think because that's where they could do the least damage to students!! NOT on the unemployment line like the laid off teachers!! You get what you pay for!