Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Lesson from Lee Anderson: Never Give Money to a Politician

Lee Anderson is making "Hay" with campaign contributions

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Evans, GA
By Al Gray

Over the years, this writer had given generously to Republican Party Candidates, to the tune of nearly $10,000, if one counts his donations and those made by his parents at his urging.  That all ended in 2010. Lee Anderson and others administered and taught a painful lesson.

I was in Lee’s campaign for the Georgia House of Representatives in 2007, even appearing in his campaign literature. From friends and family Lee sought and received a generous campaign treasury, most of it unspent at the end of the campaign. He garnered even more over the next two years.

Along came the gubernatorial candidacy of Nathan Deal, a man named number 5 on the list of the 15 Most Corrupt Members of Congress, a man responsible for gutting financial controls that even today threaten the world economy with collapse, and who would later be found to have hidden $3 million in debt from his campaign disclosure reports. Nathan Deal – party switching ex-Democrat, wild spender, debt lover, and Bush agenda sycophant – is one politician a fiscal conservative could only loathe.

Lee decided to back Nathan Deal. Early in the campaign, Deal ran out of money because his own campaign fund was exhausted by paying more than $60,000 to lawyers defending him from corruption charges while he was in Congress.

After making a substantial contribution to the man, imagine my total shock and disbelief to hear a Nathan Deal advertisement, followed by the notice that Paid for by Lee Anderson!” Lee Anderson took my money and that of other friends and family to supplant an utterly crooked Washington D.C. politician’s LEGAL BILLS? Astounding!

Lee spent my money paying Nathan Deal's legal bills.

He wasn't the only one.  Other legislators and county commissioners bailed out Deal this way, too. I learned, to my dismay, that politicians use their unexpended war chests to support all manner of disgusting politicians. The advice from here is to never give any of these folks a dime, unless you don't mind seeing your own money deployed against you!

It has been hard to make me open my wallet this year and the resolve to NEVER give candidate money from now on is overwhelming. Every candidate who comes looking gets this story in reply.

Yeah, I know the response that is coming being - after I give it, its not mine any more. The flip side of that is "Just say no!" 

Thanks Lee. After costing me and every other frugal Georgian dearly with your miserable voting record, you finally produced a savings.

ps – My motto for 2012? “Restore a man to honesty; send Lee Anderson back to Farming.”***