Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breaking News: Lori Davis Announces Run for Augusta Commission Seat

District 1  Commission Candidate Lori Davis

Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012
Augusta, GA
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Ending months of speculation, community activist and government watchdog Lori Davis has made it official today; she will seek the District 1 Augusta Commission seat currently held by Matt Aitken. First coming to prominence in 2009 battling persistent crime and recalcitrant landlords in her Harrisburg neighborhood, more recently Davis has taken center stage in local politics as one of the principal figures exposing corruption and waste in Augusta's government, especially over the controversial TEE Center and Reynolds Street parking deck.

Davis cites a current commissioner who is out of touch with his constituents and seems to serve the special interests like Augusta Riverfront LLC instead of the average citizen and taxpayer as a primary motivation for entering the race. Davis also says she was extremely troubled that  current commissioner Matt Aitken had not even bothered to read the annual budget before voting for it, and an overall lack of attention to detail by this commission is continuing to waste taxpayer dollars. She says that recent votes over the TEE Center and parking deck demonstrate that the commission is tone deaf to the will of the public and that at this point the only way to get real reform in Augusta's government is to get a seat at the table to change things. Davis says that it is obvious that the public needs a citizen watchdog on the commission who will ask tough questions and get results and not be merely a rubber stamp for the special interests.

Lori Davis' campaign website can be found at You can read the  full press release below or at this Link:---> Lori Davis Announcement
Campaign Pledge Here---> Campaign Pledge

******************For Immediate Release****************

    February, 29, 2012 
Augusta, GA

                                 Community Leader Joins District 1 Commission Race

AUGUSTA, GA --- Lori Davis, known for her leadership and relentless efforts to improve local government and neighborhoods, announced today that she will run for the Augusta-Richmond County District 1 Commission seat. Davis stated, “not only do we not have an elected representative working in the best interests of our families in District 1, our current commissioner has been voting against the will of his constituents and contrary to the platform he campaigned on. I've had phone calls and emails from all over the county thanking me for my assistance in exposing corruption concerning the TEE Center and parking deck, and for fighting against the 'good-ole-boy' politics that prevents us from moving forward. In order to really make a difference, I need to have a seat on the commission”.

As a co-founder of the grassroots social media organization “Augusta Today”, and as a regular columnist for their blog,, Davis has helped uncover some of the most fraudulent, careless use of taxpayers' money in recent history. In her February 10, 2012 blog, Davis pointed out the hypocrisy in current District 1 Commissioner's (Matt Aitken) support of the corrupt TEE Center project, and called for a recall vote for his commission seat. “I would have hoped he would resign after his stubborn support of the TEE Center and parking deck fiasco, knowing we've documented the corruption. Aitken wouldn't even return an email before casting his vote to approve the tainted parking deck agreement”, stated Davis.

Davis also stated that unfortunately the crime and drugs continue at a more dangerous level in her home community, Harrisburg. “I want to talk about making progress with race relations and moving our city in a positive direction, but it's difficult to focus on the future if we don't take action to improve our individual communities, NOW. It seems we're going backwards instead of moving forward. My goal is to to change that direction.”

Lori Davis will bring to the commission a strong background in management and active involvement in the community. She started the group “Concerned Citizens of Harrisburg” to fight the crime, prostitution and illegal drugs in Harrisburg, has served as President of Harrisburg-West End Neighborhood Association, and presently serves as President of the West Augusta Alliance. Davis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Master's in Science Education from Auburn University. She has had the unique opportunity to teach in rural, parochial and inner city schools in the southwest Georgia area. She is currently office manager for GYN Care Associates and Augusta hCG Weight Loss Center on Walton Way in Augusta.

Lori Davis will work with the administrator, other commissioners, and the mayor as long as their efforts are in the best interest of District 1 and the entire county. Her campaign website has been launched and will have new information in the next few weeks concerning her goals and actions needed to move District 1 in the right direction.
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